What could your life look like a year from now?

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Falling Awake

What could your life look like in a few months or a year from now?

Falling Awake is a life-changing process of awakening to what a wonderful life you have, to what else you want in every area of life for the rest of your life and beyond (your legacy), and to the many practical ways in which you can create the future you want. This process is designed to move you closer to your definition of success.

The Falling Awake programs are for anyone or any organization that has the goal of producing breakthrough results while leading a balanced, enjoyable, and wonderful life.  Dave Ellis presents ways to do so in concrete, achievable steps.

- Alex Counts

Founder and Former President, Grameen Foundation

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Dave Ellis

Dave Ellis is a best-selling author and has written 7 books, including Falling Awake. Over the last 35 years, through his workshops, books, and coaching, Dave has helped over 6 million people around the world improve the quality of their lives.

The Falling Awake team supports you in solving your biggest problems and achieving your most important goals through a variety of programs, including workshops, a Falling Awake Community, a 9-month in-depth intensive course, coaching packages, and through a library of books and media by Dave Ellis.

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After reading Falling Awake, I feel clearer about almost everything. Even truths I thought I already knew seem more natural and easily attainable. This book is a beautiful presentation of some wondrous thoughts about the things that matter most.

- Marianne Williamson

Author, Illuminata and The Healing of America

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12 Success Strategies

Falling Awake invites you to embark on an in-depth exploration and application of these strategies.

1. Determine what you want.
Trust your desires and create a bold, detailed vision for the long-term future.

2. Tell the truth.
Speak candidly, make promises, and align your actions with your words.

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Falling Awake 12 Success Strategies

Our Values

One of the pivotal opportunities of Falling Awake is investing time and energy to define or redefine your values and then aligning your actions with them. Values are our fundamental commitments, our highest principles, the things in life that we consider worthy for their own sake. They influence and guide our choices, and even small choices can ultimately shape the quality of our lives.

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Falling Awake Life Inventory

Your Life Inventory

Begin solving your biggest problems and achieving your most important goals by doing this Life Inventory. When you have completed most of the Inventory you can request a free coaching session to begin your journey of moving closer to your definition of success.

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