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The purpose

The purpose of The Falling Awake Workshop is for you to spend 2 ½ days where you give yourself the time and space to ask and answer the life altering question of “What do I really want?” During this experience you will go through a series of exercises where you will hear your deepest wisdom. You will see more clearly what is next for you in your professional and personal life.

This workshop will be fun, safe, and powerful.

The workshop will be facilitated by Dave Ellis and his team. Dave has been teaching for the last 40 years and will bring you the best of his seven books that have sold over six million copies.

You can find out more about Dave and his team below.

The Intensive

The Falling Awake Workshop stands alone and is also part of a nine-month program called The Falling Awake Intensive.

The workshop is offered independently of the longer program so that family, friends, and co-workers can create great value for themselves and get a sense of what others are gaining from the nine-month program.

If you are curious about the Intensive, you can read the Accomplishments to the left or click on the “Contact me” button near the top of the left column. You can also click here to watch a video where Dave presents two of his best strategies and answers questions about the Falling Awake Intensive.


Past workshop participants have reported the following benefits. Prior to the workshop, we will ask you to set goals for what you want to accomplish in our time together. This list gives you ideas of outcomes that you can create. 

  • Transformed many of my key relationships
  • Improved or changed my current work
  • My money now works way better
  • I walk around much happier day to day
  • I got really clear about what I want
  • My health changed so I can do more
  • Learned valuable coaching skills
  • Created a wildly successful business
  • Learned ways to make great decisions
  • Regular exercise became fun
  • My romantic relationship got much better
  • My problem solving skills improved
  • Solved two of the biggest problems in my life
  • Resolved parts of my past that had really troubled me
  • My friends say I’m more enjoyable to be around
  • Increased my income significantly
  • Paid off most of my debts
  • Distress became a very small part of my life
  • I met some lifelong friends
  • Began to have way more fun
  • My spouse and I fight less and laugh more
  • Eliminated many of my money fears
  • Learned to manage my moods
  • Created much better work/life balance
  • Became way less defensive
  • My creativity really increased
  • Developed a plan for my retirement
  • People around me began keeping their word
  • Became a much better parent
  • I get along much better with my parents
  • Boredom got replaced by excitement
  • I have much more time for my hobbies
  • Generosity has become my habit
  • At work and at home, I’m more reliable
  • Celebration and appreciation became routine
  • People around me report I listen much better
  • I released a lot of guilt about mistakes
  • My ability to produce results improved
  • Learned to motivate others
  • I get along much better with my co-workers
  • I am a much more effective leader
  • Time management stopped being a struggle



The events take place at the Marriott Hotel next to the San Francisco airport and only 25 minutes from downtown San Francisco. We have arranged for discounted room rates.

The date and times of each workshop are listed below. If you register, you will be asked to choose a date that works for you.

March 24 - 26, 2017
2:00 pm – 5:30 pm, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm (Pacific time)

June 23 - 25, 2017
2:00 pm – 5:30 pm, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm (Pacific time)

October 27 - 29, 2017
2:00 pm – 5:30 pm, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm (Pacific time)


Tuition: $500 to $1000

Tuition discounts are available for past participants and attending with a life partner or business partners.

A limited number of partial scholarships are also available. They could bring the tuition below $500 and are based on family income and net worth.

Other costs

In addition to the tuition, participants are also responsible for their travel, food, and lodging.

We have secured discounted rooms at a beautiful Marriott hotel.

Life Inventory

Our purpose is to contribute to you by helping you look at your life to see what is working and what could be improved. This will be one focus of The Falling Awake Workshop. We have designed a Life Inventory (and an optional, no-cost conversation with a coach) to be extremely valuable. Please complete the Life Inventory.

Filling out the Life Inventory and talking about it with us will begin a process of solving your biggest problems and achieving your most important goals. Doing this inventory and visiting with one of our coaches is at no cost to you. 


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About us

Dave Ellis

Dave Ellis

Facilitator and Coach

Dave assists people to realize their fullest potential through his coaching, books, workshops, videos, and interactive online classes. He challenges people to think what they have never thought and empowers them to take actions that they have never taken.

Dave is a leadership coach, author, educator, and philanthropist. He wrote and published, Becoming a Master Student which is currently in its fifteenth edition and has been the best-selling college textbook in America for over two decades. In addition to this book, he has written six others including, Life Coaching, Creating Your Future, and Falling Awake.

Dave has reached audiences worldwide since first sharing his principles in 1979. He has coached national and international nonprofit leaders, social entrepreneurs, philanthropists, an NBA coach, and a Nobel Peace Prize winner. Through his workshops and books, he has helped over six million people create a more wonderful life.

In 1987, he founded The Brande Foundation and has contributed millions of dollars to the work of this foundation and to other organizations.

Ellis was an Assistant Dean of Student Services, a member of the Administrative Board, and President of National American University, where for six years he taught computer programming and a first year experience course he designed on being successful in college. Dave has a bachelors degree in Computer Science and Psychology, a masters degree in Computer Science, work on a Ph.D. in Psychology, and an honorary Ph.D. in Naturopathic Philosophy.

He lives in the Bay Area of California with his wife Trisha. Together they have four daughters and six grandchildren.

Bill Rentz

Bill Rentz


Bill Rentz has worked with Dave Ellis for over 30 years. He is vice president of Breakthrough Enterprises, Inc. He has been responsible for our coaching and coach training and manages most of the day-to-day operation of our projects. Bill is an executive coach and a Master Certified Coach from the International Coach Federation. He has worked with leaders of several large organizations. He lives in The Black Hills of South Dakota and is a dedicated husband for over 30 years.

JoAnne Bangs

JoAnne Bangs


JoAnne Bangs began a coaching practice 22 years ago while raising two young children and since then she has been coaching individuals, business owners, couples, and leaders of nonprofit organizations. She has spent years working with Anne Goddard, President of Child Fund International; Melanie Macdonald, President of World Neighbors; and Yolanda Richardson, Past President of Center for Development and Population Activities. After a major health challenge in 2000, she transformed all aspects of her life such that her life is now vibrant, accomplished, and joyful. Her goal is to assist her clients to achieve the same through her coaching and our trainings.

Peter Chandonnet

Peter Chandonnet


Peter has been coaching, teaching yoga and meditation and working with Dave for the last 13 years in the Bay Area and nationally. He empowers c-suite executives and emerging leaders and teams to be their best selves. He works within the sectors of health care, technology, finance, design, real estate, education, apparel, the arts, and families of wealth. He divides his time between San Francisco and Sonoma.

Anna Rheim

Anna Rheim


Anna Rheim began coaching in 2005. Her focus includes both one-on-one and couples coaching. She incorporates her love of ritual in her work. Anna is a graduate of Stanford University and has years of experience in leadership, education, art, and business. Her current passions are writing, golf, photography, and assisting people with their transformational development. Anna and her husband, Jim, live in Carmel Valley, CA near their two adult children and grandchildren.

The Falling Awake Workshop is a project of Breakthrough Enterprises, Inc., with offices in South Dakota and California.

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