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Interactive experiences of self-discovery and self-direction

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The Purpose

The Falling Awake Workshop is a time away from your normal activities to ask and create answers to the life-altering question: “What do I really want?”

You will see more clearly what is next for you in your professional and personal life.


The Falling Awake Workshops are each unique and are available to everyone. They are also part of our 9-month Falling Awake Intensive.

This 2 ½ day retreat creates and maintains a fun and safe environment for your growth. We provide information and exercises to engage your imagination and to assist you in improving your life by your definition and by your design.

During this interactive experience, you will go through a series of activities where you will uncover your deepest wisdom.

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By fully engaging in the workshop, you will be able to:
  • Appreciate your life more fully and celebrate more often
  • Determine your own authentic purpose, values, and goals
  • Identify actions that will improve your well-being, leadership, finances, relationships, and the difference you make in the world


You’ll gain the following skills:
  • Increased self-awareness and clarity about your future
  • Advanced communication skills including effective listening, productive feedback, and making requests
  • Money management and personal finance
  • Coaching strategies to sharpen your ability to influence others
  • Ways to create efficient, healthy, and productive environments

Life Inventory

The free Life Inventory is a great way to prepare for the workshop or to determine if this is the right event for you. If you complete the Inventory, we offer you a free coaching session to review it.

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The workshop provides the following opportunities:
  • Short lectures (less than 10 minutes) where Dave shares his best ideas
  • Interactive activities that will help you to clarify, focus, and move yourself forward
  • Observed coaching where Dave assists you and other participants to work through one of your challenges or to achieve an important goal
  • Individual time to reflect, process, and plan
  • Access to a community of like-minded people to inspire and support you during and after the workshop

Is this for me?

This workshop is for individuals and leaders if you:
  • Desire transition in any aspect of your life (money, career, health, or relationships)
  • Face a challenge that is getting in your way of a better life
  • Aspire to be more effective in your communication
  • Want dedicated time to invest in yourself and your goals
  • Are interested in living the rest of your life in a happier and more successful way


Workshop Price:  $700

Discounts available:

  • $350 Community Member Discount
  • $100 Repeat Participant Discount (for non-community members)
  • Early Bird Discount: $100 off if you register at least 25 days in advance of the workshop start date

Contact us to discuss:

  • Partial scholarship opportunities based on financial needs (limited availability)
  • Possible discount if you are attending with a life partner or business partners
  • Group discounts for two or more


Contact Bill Rentz for questions or to discuss scholarships or discounts.

Bill Rentz

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Dates and locations

April 26-28, 2019
San Francisco, CA

October 4-6, 2019
San Francisco, CA

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This workshop revived me, and allowed me to let go of a lot of deep-seated grieving I had for human suffering that I had seen through my work. That was an incredible experience that I had never anticipated.

- Anne Lynam Goddard

President and CEO Child
Fund International

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